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Introducing The Tub...

The Tub is a small gallery, studio and project space on Broadway Market Mews, just behind the famous London market.


The Tub owes it’s character to the exciting and very different artistic practices and perspective of it’s four resident artists: Eddie Howard, Freya Moffat, Georgia Fraser
and Lucy Mudel.   


It’s a tough time for artists, especially the young! Upon leaving art school, we wanted to create an open space: somewhere for everybody to enjoy looking at art, talking about art and participating in art-making!


So, with a limited budget and a wonderful, but empty, 419 sqaure feet of space, we spent two months sawing, sanding, scrubbing, building and painting walls, doors and windows to bring you The Tub! In all of it’s current glory! 

The Tub is available to hire for exhibitions, workshops and events, get in touch with us to discuss your ideas.


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