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Aklumda (part.2/2)

Aklumda (part.2/2) is the second video art performance, where the artist Marcy Petit engages 'the woman inside her' to walk for two hours with a pair of high heel shoes and a costume in a difficult and opposed environment. This character, which embodies a supposed model of femininity, is being ridiculed by the situation. As she progresses in her walk, the character is confronted by an environment that she does not recognize and has to overcome the obstacles despite the ridicule she faces.
During this new performance, Marcy Petit has walked around the island of Embiez, in the south of France.


Marcy Petit

video art performance

Marcy Petit (b. 1990) (she/her) is a French artist who lives between London and France. She gained a BA and a MA in Visual Arts at Rennes University in 2014. As a young mixed-media artist, her works, inspirations and interests are extremely eclectic. Her multidisciplinary practice is consisted of videos, photographs, performances, sound recordings, installations. The artworks of Marcy Petit seek to talk mainly about the representation of the feminine body in our society as well as feminist concerns and issues. She has exhibited her work internationally and has been selected for an artist residency in Iceland in October 2022.

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