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Artificial Intelligence in Conversation


Jennifer Jones
Variable sizes
Wool, Clay, Thread, Sound, Acrylic Paint, Pouring Medium


“3D textiles forms intended to represent hybrid beings which resist definition- they are neither natural nor artificial, masculine nor feminine, animal nor cyborg. Sitting between identity categories they reference how, in digital space, a user is able to abstract themselves, adopting alternative forms and escaping binary identity.

Jennifer Jones (b. 1999) (she/her) is a London-based artist, recently graduated from BA Fine Art at Central Saint Martins. Working predominantly with textiles and technology, her practice explores the complexity of identity. She aims to blur binaries and explore the spaces between identity categories. She aligns her work with Cyborg Feminism as Donna Haraway remarked “... Cyborg writing is about the power to survive, not on the basis of original innocence, but on the basis of seizing the tools to mark the world that marked them as other.” (Donna Haraway, ‘Manifestly Haraway’). Haraway’s rhetoric aligns with how Jones seeks to use science-fiction, technology and supernatural imagination from a decolonial and feminist perspective to shift ideas of embodiment and identity.

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