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A Strange Dream

a strange dream.jpg

Zoey Chih Ying Chang
90 x 79 cm
Oil on canvas


For purchase enquiries, please email the curators here

Zoey Chih Ying Chang (b. 1995) (she/they) is a Taiwanese artist based in London. Zoey graduated from Royal College of Art MA Painting at 2021 and was invited to have a one year long solo show in Xindian Hotpot and Exhibition Space, Taipei, Taiwan, titled On The Road to Self. The absence of something that is supposed to be present is what the artist most interested in exploring due to a childhood traveling between politically conflicted places. Steamed from her familiarity to a lack of sense of belonging and a childhood spent mostly online, she focuses on digital representation of transparency and figures floating mid air as a metaphor of being rootless.

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