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biomorphic syntheses

biomorphs, amorphous creatures, of no discernible origin, yet every consist of every living organism, without differentiation yet uniquely novel lifeforms work questions organic design, concepts of novel being, animism, and interconnectedness of carbon systems in the forest mycorrhizal network as well as the digital network

we are one of the same being, synthesized from the same cells, organic abstractions of the collective consciouness,
biomorphic forms made from carbon transferred through time this work speaks on biomorphic surrealism, animism,
evolution, and the conscious understanding of existence

does the evolutionary machine perceive spirit?
what is form without animation?

Lucy Mudel


digital animation

music by Sishan Chen

Lucy Mudel (b. 1996) (she/her/they) is a multidisciplinary artist based out of The Tub, Hackney in London. Lucy often works with themes related to mental states, surrealism, psychology, nature, folklore and mysticism. Lucy is a graduate of Goldsmiths, University of London who has completed a Master of Arts in Digital Media Image Making. Lucy also has a Bachelor of Science in Psychology, with focus on mental health, perception, wildlife conservation, virtual reality, neuroscience, as well as human and nonhuman behaviour.

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