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Burning Wires


Helen Dryden
40 x 30cm

Acrylic and spray paint on canvas

Technology can distort our perception of the physical environment, even for those not directly using it. In Burning Wires (2022) the artist's husband and son are eerily lit by the glow from the screen whilst they play on the PS4 together.

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Helen Dryden (b. 1977) (she/her) lives and works in Leeds, West Yorkshire. Inspired by popular culture, nature, and science fiction, her imaginative paintings are vibrant, expressive and often surreal. She enjoys experimentation with painting and is attracted to strangeness and the grotesque. Helen’s influences include science fiction, folk horror, pop culture and environmental concerns. Her practice also involves curating, and photography. Helen has an MA from Leeds Arts University and a BA (Hons) from Leeds Beckett University. The artist attended Cleveland College of Art and Design. Selected exhibitions: 4 Painters & at Sunny Bank Mills, Capturing Movement at the University of Kent, Twice as nice at PS Mirabel, Moments at The Bowery, and Street and Studio at Tate Modern.

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