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Circle Walk /// Moat

'Circle Walk /// Moat' is a 7-and-a-half-minute long film comprised of photographs of the circle I have walked in my garden for a year, a documentation of the visual evidence of the estimated 5,235,955.2 metres, or 3,253.47 miles - over 6 million steps and 1,057 hours of walking. The photographs were taken from the centre of the circle and follow the perimeter anticlockwise, the orientation of my walking.

The photos were pieced together digitally to form coherent imagery that glitches as it traces the circle. I then documented the circle from an upwards angle on a spinning disk to extend the footage vertically and add depth. Synthetic snow, rain, the accompaniments of glaring sun and doctored red leaves on the ground serve as a representation of all of the seasons.

The sound that plays in the background is a piece performed on a reed-based instrument I made, with the body of a reversed trumpet along with extended pipes for the bass register. The song was slowed to the duration of one full rotation of the circle and atop these sounds I added ambient noises and a loop of the rain foley audio from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (2006).


Hal. H. Lewis
Aug. 2020 – Sept. 2021

moving image

Mx. Hal H. Lewis (b. 2000) (they/them) is based in London. Their practice results in the work assuming a multitude of forms, depending on what the work calls for, with each project leading them in new directions either materially or in relation to the process itself. They recently received their BFA from the Slade School of Fine Art (2019-2022) and before that they completed a foundation at Loughborough University (2018-2019). Circle Walk /// Moat was first shown in ‘Stealing Vegetables’ at Five-Three Gallery (group show), Nantong, China, 2021 and later in ERA 2021 at the Crypt Gallery (group show), London, United Kingdom, 2022.

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