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Crystalised: Composition N3


Ekaterina Adelskaya

40x45x45 cm
Pigmented burnt synthetic fabric

“Crystallised” is a series about the cross-contamination of the natural environment with synthetic particles. The seemingly natural stalagmites are in fact made of burnt synthetic fabric that holds its shape without the use of stitches or glue. Every piece is melted by fire and then slowly hardened, revealing the hard plastic substance hidden in the soft appearance of the synthetic cloth. Is this a new age of irreversible transformation? Is this the dawn of a new era of adaptation into a new unknown plastic eco-system?”

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Ekaterina Adelskaya (b. 1988) (she/her) is an award-winning Russian artist with Ukrainian roots, who lives and works in London. She focuses on sculptures and watercolours, mostly revolving around destruction and transformative processes. Ekaterina studied at University of Hertfordshire & British Higher School of Art and Design (2016-2019) and the Russian State University of Cinematography (2007–2012). She has participated in numerous exhibitions in the UK, Russia and South Korea. Notable shows were The 5th London Art Biennale, 252 Summer Exhibition at Royal Academy of Arts in London; Fragments of intimacy at Glavnyy Prospekt Museum in Yekaterinburg; Perspectives at Czong Institute for Contemporary Art in Gyeonggi-do; 168 Annual Open Exhibition at Royal West of England Academy in Bristol, where she won a watercolour prize. Ekaterina "works mainly with textile, clay and watercolour. Focusing on non-traditional methods of art-making such as burning, melting or dissolving, I explore materials’ potentiality and their physical properties. I make artworks that are half-painting, half-sculpture, sometimes closer to art installations, blurring the boundaries between 2D and 3D. Most of my biomorphic objects aim to represent the fragility of life. Transformation of matter is part of our existence, it’s life itself. — We adapt, thrive and decay in a constant flow of change.

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