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Fanned Out Ribbed Petals

Nicola Organ, Fanned Out Ribbed Petals, watercolour on paper, 36x51cm, 2022 - nicola 0rg.j

Nicola Organ
36 x 51 cm
watercolour on paper

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Nicola Organ (b. 1994) (she/her) works within the domain of observation and distortion of natural elements; creating surreal landscapes that reflect the cyclical nature of nature, in all its severity, strangeness and beauty. Many elements of her paintings stem from a fascination with these natural forms and cycles; the way a cloud bubbles and shapeshifts from a wisp to a giant beast, the minuscule pores and crevices of a rock or a mineral, to the swollen udder of a mother cow. Originally from the Cotswolds, Nicola studied Illustration at Camberwell College of Arts and now lives and works from her studio in Bristol.

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