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5 Greed, Pastel and acrylic on canvas,129 x 91 cm, 2022.jpg

Ivan Kashdan
129 x 91 cm

Pastel and acrylic on canvas


For purchase enquiries, please email the curators here

'Greed' depicts a pair of queue posts. One is wrapped up in itself, with many ropes, while another watches on, bare and exposed. The painting is coated with short, sharp strokes in soft pastel, to heighten and make immediate the imagined relationship between the objects.

Ivan Kashdan (b. 1992) (he/his) is currently studying MA Painting at the Slade. Since moving to London, he has been preoccupied with man-made objects he encounters in passing that seem to be enacting human or biological dramas. He explores these ‘imagined lives’ using both intuitive drawing mediums in his paintings, and time-based work; including stop- animation, videos and video games. In June, he released his first full-length video game ‘Machines Have Lucid Dreams’ on Ivan is currently completing a commission for a 17m mural, which responds to objects in the immediate environment.

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