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let the rain in

Faye Rita Robinson, let the rain in, oil on canvas, 66 x 66cm - Blood Wizard.png

Faye Rita Robinson
66 x 66 cm
oil on canvas

Faye Rita Robinson (b. 1994) (she/they) is a multidisciplinary, self-taught artist born in Nottingham and living in London. She is a current member of the School of the Damned cohort (2022-2023) and was previously in the New Midland Group (2021-2022). She is now on a studio residency with Working Class Creatives Database and has previously shown work in her solo exhibition Continued Existence with Gasleak Mountain @1 Thoresby Street. Through her work, she weaves her dreams and lived experiences with the collective imagination of medieval mysticism and folklore of the past. She reflect upon her dreamworld, which can be frightening, confusing and full of uncertainties and symbolism, inviting creatures and objects from my sleep into my daily life where intangible elements are presented as part of a unified narrative. By exploring the events of her life through the lens of historical folk allegory and phenomena, she works within a world that exists in a liminal place between imagination and reality, connecting past and present.

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