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My Impression of Kensal Canal

YiweiXu_MyImpressionOfKensalCanal_MixedMedia_on_Cardboard_59.5x43cm_2022 - Yiwei Xu.jpg

Yiwei Xu
59.5 cm x 43 cm
Soft pastels, oil pastels, gouache, collage on cardboard

The canal's surface reflects everything in the reality. But the reflection of what's real could be interrupted so easily just because of a moving boat, a blowing breeze, and a floating leaf. At this moment, ripples weave together and create a colourful illusion.

For purchase enquiries, please email the curators here

Yiwei Xu (she/her) is a London-based Chinese artist, graduated from Camberwell College of Arts in 2016 and joined the Royal Drawing School in 2019. She is greatly interested in drawing from observation, memories, and poems. She is seeking the boundaries between the real world and the inner world, or maybe there are no such boundaries, and the entire experience of life is a dream. The mysterious and subtle atmosphere in the world fascinates her. Light and shadow reveal the gate of the hidden tunnel that connects realities and fantasies. She uses mixed media to create harmony and conflict that could express a bizarre yet realistic world through artworks.

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