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Paper Faces on Parade

Copy of Emily-Grace_Paper Faces on Parade_Polaroid_A5_Framed_Print_2019 - Emily Morgan.jpg


15 x 21 cm

Framed polaroid

Shot on a Polaroid land camera 330 and using peel apart film, the imagery you see here, have a seemingly sombre appearance, before the carefully constructed and chaotic imagery takes hold. Demonstrating the fight or flight response of what one can experience when battling consuming thoughts that stem from dark spaces of the mind, such as panic attacks and dissociation.

Theatrics are used as an elegant disguise in order to ‘put a face on’ and parade around without the audience knowing what the mind truly holds; A distorted façade of which the combination of avant-garde garments and intense colour palettes, contradict such thoughts.

Emily-Grace (b. 1996) (she/her) completed her BA Photography studies back in 2018. After developing a cocktail flair of fine art meets fashion photography; Emily-Grace has carefully constructed narratives that embody ambiguity, beauty and the surreal within personal motifs and editorials. All of which have been featured in worldwide publications and exhibitions. With the use of her Polaroid 330 Camera and peel apart film, Emily-Grace has continued to flourish this flair, leading to the creation of her personal work ‘Paper Faces on Parade’ which explores the complexity of mental health and the façades we adorn. “A combination of which the avant-garde and intense colour palette contradicts these consuming thoughts.”

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