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The Red Queue

'The Red Queue' describes the eternal march of a procession of queue posts - tied together as they proceed through the elements towards an uncertain destination. Each frame of the animation was drawn individually with charcoal on a wall, reflecting the laborious progress of their journey.

Ivan Kashdan


Ivan Kashdan (b. 1992) (he/his) is currently studying MA Painting at the Slade. Since moving to London, he has been preoccupied with man-made objects he encounters in passing that seem to be enacting human or biological dramas. He explores these ‘imagined lives’ using both intuitive drawing mediums in his paintings, and time-based work; including stop- animation, videos and video games. In June, he released his first full-length video game ‘Machines Have Lucid Dreams’ on Ivan is currently completing a commission for a 17m mural, which responds to objects in the immediate environment. 

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