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The sorrow of finding a bird


Namarata Singh
76.2 x 152.4 cm
Oil on primed canvas

“The artist describes various vulnerable birds she’s found over the years that she’s taken in:“Some died, while some lived, and one cost me a job while living in Paris”… “Friends and family find it strange that I’ve come across so many injured birds but, when I’m walking around, I feel like I’m searching for something; it’s never anything in particular, but I’m searching”. In this painting, a dying bird blends in with it’s environment, difficult to spot. 'The sorrow of finding a bird' is a self-portrait of the artist having found something she wasn’t particularly searching for and not wanting to find; in a broader sense it depicts the anticipation and fear of death lurking alongside the people and things we care about.”

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Namarata Singh (she/her) is a self-taught artist working in primarily oils, gouache and watercolour. Kenyan born of Indian descent, having grown up in Canada and currently based in London, her work often explores the struggles relating to relocation and identity. Her style employs bold colours and backgrounds in emotive portraitures, expressing an inner turmoil against the backdrop of a beautiful yet apathetic world. 'The sorrow of finding a bird' is a part of a series Namarata is currently working on, depicting various vulnerable birds she’s found over the years.

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