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Freya print.jpeg

Freya Moffat

29 x 40 cm

Framed print


Freya’s sculptural work uses papier-mache, recycled cardboard boxes and fabric and is ultimately documented as photographs. Freya’s most recent sculptures’ heads are wrapped in painted fabric which reaches beak-like peaks. The sculptures are unable to see or to communicate. The fabric wrapped into the shape of a bird’s head on top of each sculpture, references the pandemic face mask and the mask of the plague doctor, as well as more generally referencing an insularity, or a looking inwards. Each sculpture is trying, but unable, to communicate. They are held in moments of tension.

For purchase enquiries, please email the curators here

Freya Moffat (she/her) graduated with a First Class degree in Fine Art from City and Guilds of London Art School in 2020. She has a BA in English Literature from the University of Oxford and an eclectic experience working in the arts. She has just had a solo show at the Fondazione Pini in Milan and work in Grayson Perry’s post-lockdown exhibition in the Manchester Art Gallery following a feature on his Channel 4 series ‘Grayson’s Art Club’.

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